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                                                                                             We are a nonprofit organization 


We specialize in community affairs, business management & start-ups. We host our very own business consulting services as well and financial management. Many businesses fail because of the lack of planning properly. 

     It is amazing how dreams are transformed into reality. What will the world be like without leaders and creators! There will be no innovation, nothing new, nothing exciting! The world would just be one old boring thought with no fulfillment or energy. This is why we express the importance of being an innovator, a creator of your life. Our organization was built on the foundation of love, help and impacting communities. What will be your lifetime story, what will you create today and what will be your legacy? Let us help guide you towards the life you desire, the life you've yearned for your entire life. Change occurs when you decide that you want change in your life. Here you'll find many resources and tools that can help you get up and take action now starting today!

Shiketa D Days & Derrick D Days' Journey started 2006! It's amazing how well this power team couple have been able to soar through every obstacle possible, that can come their way! Their strengths are admired. To see them build this organization from scratch with no assistance. Continuously improving and paving the way for many people from all walks of life. 


Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation's vision was birthed April 2011 after our son Derrick Jr was shot & killed. Our goal was to create something with value that would eventually help others grow in life, health, and wealth. Our goal is to impact many lives and help those who have been through similar situations. Also, those who need guidance. 

Founded by Shiketa D Days & Derrick D Days


Boss Up Podcast Show

Created By: Shiketa D Days & Derrick D Days/ DDD2C Productions

Directed By: Derrick D Days & Nu Age Productions

Boss Up is a VISUAL podcast show about starting a business and becoming your own boss. Many times people start a business expecting things to magically occur instantly. Not knowing the foundation, time and challenges of becoming a business owner. Although there are many perks, there are also many challenges! Race challenges and more. Sometimes it's about who you know and not what you know. Why many businesses fail and how people make life difficult and it doesn't have to be. 


Many people talk the talk. It's time to start walking the talk!! The only way to make a difference is to stop allowing people to put limits on your life. #Bossup #ddd2cproductions #Bossupcampaign



Boss up campaign commercial here in our page! YouTube #ddd2cproductions #NuageproductionsVideo shot by: @NuageproductionsLaunching : 2020

Teaching you how to stay bossed up!





2020 is going to be an exciting year! This is the year of focus and growth. Plant those seeds. #HappyNewYear!


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Services we provide are


- Life insurance 

- Annuities

- Digital Marketing Services 

- Book Writing Program 

- Community Gun Violence Awareness 

- Fundraising and charitable event planning 

- Online Community Membership 

- Book Writing Course

- Licensing For Life &Health/Securities 

 - Business Start-ups & Business Consulting 

Proper Licensing and structure 

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It is our duty to provide all of our customers and clients with the highest quality of service. We want to welcome all our members and customers to our community. In this community we strive for growth and self development. Helping individuals scratch the surface of success by making an impact on lives and the communities worldwide daily. 



Welcome to our members area! Connect and network with other members. 


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