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Our Journey started December 13, 2008, following the loss of our 10-month-old son Derrick Jr. Shot and killed, A day that will forever leave a soft spot in our hearts. The loss of Derrick touched so many lives emotionally. Seeing that violence in the urban communities is becoming normal. And many families are losing children very young to guns. We sought out to create an atmosphere for the best of both worlds. To help the urban communities flourish, by teaching individuals how to earn income legally. 

Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation became official in April 2011 and has been up and running ever since. Over the years we have grown by trial and error learning one step at a time, how to grow and develop programs & services for our organization. Services that will help educate communities worldwide. Our organization has had a helping hand in collaborating with other companies and teams. We've donated to several 'Charitable Organizations over the course of 9 years. 2018 we developed our (Book Club) aimed to help individuals self-publish books and our (Entrepreneur Project) mission to help urban businesses legalize properly. 2020 we launched our Podcast 'Boss Up Visual Podcast Show to create a platform for urban business owners to market their products, services or businesses. 2021 we launched our Affiliate Network and soon to be Members Rewards Club

Over the years Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation has been active in the community providing resources and aid to the youth. We were also apart of the '24 Hour Cease Fire for Miami-Dade county which has now become a large-scale event. Sometimes being a small business, your work goes unnoticed. However, it is your duty to make a loud noise. Shiketa Days have received two Community Leader CEO nominations for Urban CEO Network's Whos Who. Also Nominated for Professional network Whos Who.


Shiketa Days was recently featured in Voyage MIA (Miami's most inspiring stories) & Buzz Magazine  (community highlights) for Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation. Nominated by one of our clients! Shiketa Days was also featured in Urban CEO Network's magazine for 2 consecutive years. We were also featured at muze media

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