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Nov 3

Christmas is my favorite season on all time! Every year in honor of our son we do a 30 Days Of CHRISTMAS drive to help those families in need. Make your donations here on our home page! No donation
Jul 6

Shiketa D Days from Miami Florida spitting some early morning Motivation! To kickoff episode 1.. LISTEN What do you eat for breakfast to get you going? Do you wake up with a winning attitude?
Jul 30

Super excited about pursuing my "Author Journey!" Check out my new release (21 Days Of Inspection Book) Great 21 day plan to get you rolling through the year. Series 1 now available on Audible. Serie
Jul 6

Listen to Business Motivation Talk - DDD2C by Shiketa Duberry Days on #SoundCloud
Jul 22

Do you notice that after you've presented a opportunity to someone they're super excited! Can't wait to get going that day, that moment. Then it all changes a week later. What are some reasons why in