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Let's discuss the many issues we face today in society.

7 days ago

'Tis the season! Gear up for the holidays for some great Literature! Enjoy books by @she_writes82 @shiketadays @juicebaby100 @Amazon Our 30 Days Of CHRISTMAS is in full Motivation! #30daysofchristmas
Nov 8

Are you ready to build franchises? Best thing you can do is invest in a business that you can pass down to your children! #Moneymatters #Bossup #Shiketaddays #goodlife #Stability #Financialeducation #
Nov 4

Watch "Silkk the Shocker Clears Up Rumors About Turk & Wayne Signing to No Limit" on YouTube
Nov 3

Drop your fun photos from today! Business or personal.
Nov 1

What are your relationship goals? #Laughoutloudquotes
Oct 27

During the early morning hours another shooting occurred at NW 183 Street & 8 AV. Shell Gas Station. The condition of the victim is unknown. Victim appeared to be targeted. #Gunviolence #Awareness
Sep 24

Sharing some social testimonials with you all.
Nov 11

What are your thoughts? Here's the article:
Nov 8

As I rushed over to pick up meds for my daughter to get to work in good timing. To arrive and see the store closed with all employees standing outside.
Nov 4

Do you believe others will back him up? Watch "Black Musicians Are Standing Behind Kirk Franklin's Boycott Of Evangelical TV Network" on YouTube
Nov 3

As we gear up for the holidays! I want you all to take the time to reflect on the things you really want to see happen in life and the things that you are tired of reoccurring in your life over and ov
Nov 1

I'm breathing in that good ass prana baby!! I feel unstoppable.. What are your November plans?
Oct 26

Making statements about his daughter's death. I believe we all had the same thoughts about what happened on the day the world heard the devastating news. We all had same suspicions that B. Christina m
Aug 5

Do you feel as if media gave enough coverage to these victims? Our thoughts are with the families. Another senseless hate crime!
Nov 8

Do you have a youtube channel? Lets support each other by subscribing and commenting on one video.. I'll start -
Nov 8

Becoming that person you desire to be can be difficult, because many people can't understand journey and purpose. People tend to assume they know you but the mystery remains.. So how do you journey on
Nov 3

After an affair with an employee violating company rules.. This goes back to my literacy about businesses and nonprofits. The board formation and how CEOS can be booted from their own organization.. U
Nov 2

Oct 29

California wildfires..As the flames continue to torch the city our prayers are with the families affected. California now in a 'State of Emergency. More Photos..
Oct 25

Cancer is such a cruel and critical illness that have taken many out. Sleep in peace. I hope they find a solution soon. Do you believe there is a cure somewhere out there?