Self Development

What are you doing on a day to day basis to grow in self development?

6 days ago

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Aug 18

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Mar 5
Feb 7, 2018

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Sep 22

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Aug 11

Challenges! #Shiketaddays
Feb 28

The feeling I get inside to see my accomplishments. My official Author profile on Amazon! #Full #Shiketaddays #MotivationalBooks #Youngandmurderedbook #DestinyWa
Feb 7, 2018

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Sep 20

Many people get stuck in the only bubble they have knowledge of. Conditioned to a limited life. #Poverty #Powerful Why do you think this is so?
Jul 14

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Feb 26

Self care is very important when pursuing your goals. If you need to rest rest but don't give up.
Feb 7, 2018

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