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Help us raise funds.. Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation PRESENTS, 30 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! As a part of our 30 days of CHRISTMAS campaign to raise funds. Your book purchases will also help fund a shelte
Oct 25

With Halloween approaching, we are gearing up the fun with indoor activities. My kids really enjoy watching scary movies and munching on goodies. Food plus movies equals fun! What are you doing for
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Sep 26

🚨 Its almost that time....🚨 Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite pronto! I heard Keira Rich will be hitting flips, Diannah Minnis might sing 🎤 🎶 and Timothy Russell might dance with his two left
Oct 29

Please join our " Spooky Blast Forum "! Here tonight at 8pm . Here you can join the conversation about celebrating Halloween. Movies, ideas, costumes and more. You can also share your Halloween celeb
Oct 20

Sometimes we can lose focus on our mission. But however, we must stay grounded. No one really cares that much about your mission unless you do. Your passion always reveals itself. Be passionate about
Sep 25

I hope you are pumped up, excited as I am!! I have some amazing Giveaways! We'll see you all Saturday at 6pm! I will be giving away lots of goodies! #Thebagofselflove #Allwhitepraiseparty #bethere!! T
Oct 25

Recently there has been some controversy and opinions about homosexuality. Tank made a comment on a radio show that sparked a huge debate on whether someone can be determined as gay because of one or
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Sep 29

Phenomenal night! Coming together with the community for our fundraiser party. #Heartfeltmoments #Truthoutreachinc #Allwhitepraiseparty
Jul 3

You have to have tough skin when it comes to business! This journey isn't made for everyone. Only the strong survives. #Literally 💪 Let's Talk About It? What are some challenges you've faced in