Oct 20

Focus On The Mission


Sometimes we can lose focus on our mission. But however, we must stay grounded. No one really cares that much about your mission unless you do.



Your passion always reveals itself. Be passionate about what you believe and others will too.

New Posts
  • Country music award.. Full story at: https://www.out.com/music/2019/11/14/lil-nas-x-first-out-gay-man-win-country-music-award?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=music&fbclid=IwAR1C4EM0B-ZNZQKPd3AQZLZxGEG1INsGRdT9aoM5qJ_ySKgPVQ6XC3RzI2w
  • Help us raise funds.. Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation PRESENTS, 30 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! As a part of our 30 days of CHRISTMAS campaign to raise funds. Your book purchases will also help fund a shelter for the holidays!! #Tistheseason #merrychristmas🎄 #happyholidays #30daysofchristmas #campaignmanager #helpingfamilies #Justsayyes #Shiketaddays #21DaysofInspectionbook #Youngandmurderedbook #ddd2cbigempire http://amazon.com/author/shiketaddays #Amazon #AmazonChristmasBooks
  • Please join our " Spooky Blast Forum "! Here tonight at 8pm . Here you can join the conversation about celebrating Halloween. Movies, ideas, costumes and more. You can also share your Halloween celebration photos and experience.. Also your point of view about Halloween. Do you think people should celebrate for the kids sake?