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12 Halloween Ideas

Gearing up for the holidays! One of the most celebrated holiday's in the US. Many enjoy the thrill of getting dressed up, eating treats and enjoying the scare fest! #Halloween #Fun #Ideas #Family

Are you the type that likes to go out for Halloween fun, or stay inside and play it safe? Well you don't really have to decide right now because we have some fun ideas to get you prepared.

See The Spooktacular List!

12 Halloween Ideas

1. Yummy scaretacular treats! For your next Halloween party, forget about serving plain brownies and putting out bowls of hard candy.

Spooky savory appetizer or a creepy-crawly dessert.

2. Halloween movies don't have to be scary. How about putting Goosebumps 2 and Coraline on the list of Netflix Movies.

3. Halloween family danceoff! To some good ole' legendary Michael Jackson's Thriller.

4. Play some family games for snacks and treats. My favorite game of all time is 'Uno.

5. A visit to your local 'Haunted House can be a less cost effective approach if your looking to save some money.

6. Trick-O-Treat candy hunt in the yard or inside your home.

7. A family Bake-off.

8. Best dancer and costume contest.

9. Guess the movie or Netflix.

10. Halloween party food and decor.

11. Halloween Horror Nights, Orlando Fl.

12. Dress up in costumes and have dinner out at your favorite restaurant.

Have some other fun ideas? Share them below in the comments.

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