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Access To a Minimum of $5000

We all have felt the impacts of Covid to our businesses and finances. And most of the resources that were aimed to aid small businesses, fell through due to businesses not earning enough income to qualify for SBA loans etc. Epic Fail!

After researching some alternate avenues businesses can take until things gradually get better, here's a list of places you can borrow loans from without impacting your credit and without restrictions.

- Andrews Federal Credit Union


- If you own a Non-profit join the ACC ( for $8 annually to gain access to loans from credit unions worldwide.

A Global Legal Association

ACC is a global legal association that promotes the common professional and business interests of in-house counsel who work for corporations, associations, and other organizations through information, education, networking, and advocacy.

ACC Member Benefits

ACC is an organization dedicated to the in-house practice. This is your community, your path to growth, your chance to advance the practice and make a difference. In-house is all we do, because it's all you do.


- Security Plus Federal Credit Union

- Unified Financial

- Genesis Credit Union

- Blue Eagle Credit Union

- Safe Federal Credit Union

Things you'll need to qualify:

No credit check, Proof of income. If you do not have a payroll provider. ADP is recommended to create check stubs for your business and to pay yourself through credit cards as well using the plastiq integration. Using these resources can also build your credit!

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