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Are You A Emotional Eater

On a scale from 1 to 10 what category do you fall under?

If you scored 11 or higher, the tips in this session will help break your emotional eating patterns. Even if you scored 10 or lower, you may still want to check out some of these techniques; they may come in handy in certain situations.

1. Do you have issues controlling what you eat?

2. Do you crave sweets all the time?

3. Do you feel good when you eat?

4. Do you overeat when your stressed?

5. Do you feel guilty when you overeat?

Between 0-5

You're not an emotional eater. Your emotions have little to nothing to do with your eating behavior. You eat only when you feel hungry, regardless of external factors or your emotions.

Between 6 - 10

You're an occasional emotional eater. You don't typically use food to solve your problems, however, there are certain foods that may have some power over you.

Between 11 - 20

You're an emotional eater. To some extent, your emotions influence your diet - your feelings and your moods often determine how much and what you eat.

Between 21 - 30

You have a significant emotional eating problem. Your feelings and emotions constantly revolve around food. If you're not careful, food will control your life.

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