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Can A Person Be Rehabilitated

The question of all time has been, if someone who has been exposed to a criminal record can be rehabilitated..

Growing up in the hood was a setup for many in the African American culture. Because all many knew is violence and crime. For many growing up in that type of environment was a fight, a struggle to make it out. I look back at my childhood life and thank goodness I was able to escape a criminal record. I guess it was my fate. Many times I could have walked away with a criminal record as well.

So, back to the topic. Can someone be rehabilitated who has a criminal background? The answer is yes. Not only being locked up in a cage but also finding purpose to do better in life.

Shiketa D Days & Derrick D Days

Now, I want to talk about my own relationship. I used as a project to see if a person wanted to change because of love, would they? My husband and I started our relationship together in 2006. We've weather so many storms together. The crazy and odd thing about our relationship is that I am a Police Dispatcher and he's a Chef. We both grew up in the same neighborhood, but never crossed paths until our adulthood. I guess it was 'Destiny! My husband was that percent who wasn't unable to escape a criminal record. Because I know I could have taken that path as well...I gave him a chance in my life. To see if his love for me would change him. Apparently, I saw potential in my husband. He had what it takes.

Long story short, it worked. My husband has been rehabilitated from the criminal society for 13 years now since we met. In conclusion, what makes a person want to change? The simple answer is love and purpose. He knew because of my position at work, he had to stay out of trouble. So he did..

What are your thoughts?

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