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Can You Imagine A World Without People-Pleasing

I used to worry about what other's thought of me until I leveled up in my mindset." It's time to live life on your own terms. Remember,..that we only get one chance, one life, one mic..(Nas).


Life is a trip and a half! And I absolutely mean it wholeheartedly. This big journey called life. Has played many roles. Roles of happiness, sadness & uncertainty. Why must I pity you? Why must you pity me? What a rollercoaster ride of the lifetime. I awakened one day with the attitude that I'd only owe it to myself, no one else. Living in a trendy world can sometimes be disabilitating. Because you feel sometimes as if the world needs to approve your every move or decision. Worrying about what other's may think of you will hinder your growth in life and success. If you are the person who seeks approval from others, more than likely you'll be the spectator of the world. Great people were discovered by their talents and abilities to be unique, to be different than the crowd.

You are definitely familiar with the lyrics in this song. Yep! My girl Brandy said it best. One of my favorite artist of all time. I remember growing up as a kid. 'Sitting up in my room. Laughing out loud! Something about the 90's..

Something about how living in the 90's made us feel as if we can conquer the world. Many of us live life through lyrics in songs. But, what if we took the advice?!! And started taking control of our very own desires. Lived life like the movies, songs etc..

Could you imagine that!

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