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Celebrities That Had IRS Issues

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness to the issues that many individuals have once they hit high profile incomes. This is primarily due to lack of knowledge about taxes, paying the percentage you owe when earning money.

This is why financial education is important to everyone. How can we win in a taxed country if we don't know the game. Many high profile celebrities have failed victim to IRS problems. Which landed them with a high tax bill or incarcerated due to non-payment. Bills as high as 2.3 million dollars. Stars like Wesley Snipes & Lauryn Hill. Financial education is slim when it comes to the Black community. This is why certain celebrities go off the grid for a while. Start embracing the importance of knowing how to plan properly for your future and tomorrow. Through COVID-19 we've learned the importance of having an emergency fund. Don't look at Life Insurance as only burial expenses but also as a income protection for your family to continue on your legacy. Book your financial appointment with us today.

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