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CEO DIVA Women's Empowerment Conference

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

CEO DIVA founded by Taniesha Ramsey-Lane. A vision that birthed 2019.. #Ceos #CeoDivaEmpowermentConference

Shiketa D Days & Taniesha Ramsey-Lane, Horace Walfall

The conference took place in Miami, Florida at 2905 NW 62 ST. It was a great feeling to travel back to the neighborhood I grew up in that will also be the neighborhood where we lose our son to gun violence. It took me years to get the courage to go back. I finally made it back to empower the community financially. Women entrepreneurs, Pastors and business owners came together to leave a message of wealth going into the 'New Year! What a powerful movement. We would like to thank ~Taniesha Ramsey-Lane for putting together such an amazing event.



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