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Destiny Walkers Book Launch Reign Restaurant Pembroke Pines, FL

Destiny Walkers Book! Made a debut Oct 5 @6pm for its official launch to the world! The book consists of 14 Authors featured in each chapter!

Motivational Books


Last night was fun and amazing! There were so many divine connections made! The people who were walking up to our table had some things in common that they were battling in their lives and it felt great telling them some ways I was able to cope with certain things in my life. There were people picking up books in the building that wasn't even apart of the party! We had some ah ha! Spiritually confirmation moments like wow!

Delsue Frankson-Doctoral Candidate pointed something out to me that was happening at the time of the DESTINY WALKERS BOOK LAUNCHING!

Here Are Some Pictures:

Destiny Walkers Book Makes A Debut.
Destiny Walkers Book Authors

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