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Destiny Walkers Rocking Book Launch!

Destiny Walkers Book! Made its officially big debut in Pembroke Pines, Florida October 5, 2018. Oh what a night! "In My Missy Elliot Voice" LOL.

#Destinywalkersbook Launch! What a exciting rememorable achievement! Thanks to all that supported the birth and vision! Destiny Walkers Book consists of 14 authors from all around the world coming together collaborating with one big message to the world!

Destiny Focused, Destiny Driven, and Destiny Living!

This book is for the person who wants to stop wasting time and they are ready to move their life forward. The co-authors want the readers to walk away with real life action steps that may help them fulfill their DESTINY no matter what. 

What is in this book?  

  • How to go after your deepest desires despite setbacks. 

  • How to become an action taker on purpose. 

  • How to break free from doubt and live in your Destiny.

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