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Everything Is Not What It Seems

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

What if...for a second, all that you've ever learned was an illusion. Nowadays we don't know what is reality and what is myth. As we went along through our lives. Intaking everything our parents taught us.

Let’s take a moment to relax and meditate on our journey thus far! How's life going for you? As you take a look back into your future. Of all the things you were programed to do, programed to follow. From rules, laws and being disciplined by your mother and father. What if all this was just a simple illusion to life. All was a system set in place for the world. It is now up to you to reverse everything you learned about advancing in life. Living the American dream! Right..

We were taught to go to school, go to college, get a good job. Taking these steps in life was taught as the way to financial security. But, as we journey on in life. We now see the trap the system has put forth. The exhibition. Now it's time for us to change the pace of our lives. No one really cares about you and your life, but YOU! #COVID pandemic has shown us how vital our lives are to anyone else.

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