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Happy New Year!

As we enter 2020...let's reflect on 2019. Take a look at the things you desire to transpire..#HappyNewYear

As we complete another decade! Reflect on the things you wish to change. What you want to do for yourself in life. Stop wasting precious time and moments. Go into the new year adventurous, fearlessly.

Derrick D Days & Shiketa D Days

Launches 'Boss Up Visual Podcast 2020. Teaching individuals how to stay bossed up!

Hold hands with that person that has your back entirely and effortlessly. Without any motive or strings. Be courageous, always put yourself before others. Love yourself enough that it touches someone else's life. Most of all take action! Our power word for 2020 #ACTION. We wish you well on your journey. 2020 is a big year! The year of prosperity, the year of watered seeds blooming. Shining #Allofthiswinning! So if you haven't planted any start immediately. Less talking and more doing.


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