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I Have Nothing Today

Ever had those moments writing an article or book. And your mind just draws a blank. Something like writers block. I want to give the audience something today, but what? Then it came to me. Let's just talk about how my weekend is going so far? Took a flight to Atlanta for our first annual Urban CEO Block Party! Super excited to be able to serve the community by giving back. It's about to be lit! Food, drinks, giveaways and fun.

Entrepreneurs sacrifice daily doing what others aren't willing to do to live a life that others won't ever get to experience because of the choices they made in life.

Nothing wrong with wanting more out of life. Live a life you deserve. Stop being apologetic to others because,..they just don't understand your journey or vision. They'll soon see what and why you did it to begin with. So, for the people out there feeling like you have nothing. No purpose, no more to give. Dig deep down inside your inner soul and bring out your inner abilities. There's always something to give, something to create.

Sincerely, I have nothing!

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