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In A Changing World

It's time to get with the program! Slowly and steadily small businesses are in the process of going bankrupt or being brought out..

By major business chains such as Amazon. The world's largest online retailer. Online shopping has become the new norm especially in times like this. It is with urgency that many people start planning their next step to stay above the economy. Many individuals have already received notices via email about their hours being reduced or their jobless. I knew that this day would come. Many people depend on small businesses to bring in income, create jobs for individuals that may be unqualified to be in certain positions. Soon it will be either rich or poor. Which it is already moving into that phase. "The New World Order".

Having a side hustle or business is becoming a must. Start planning and planting those seeds. Take the money you do have available now and start investing in something to increase your income. Saving for rainy days or in the wake of a global crisis. Soon there will be no middle class.

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