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Inhale Miami 'Color Of Change

We came together for an end of the year celebration hosted by Sadie Dean of 'Color Of Change...#2020vision #COC #ddd2c #HappyNewYear #Yoga

Inhale Miami Studio

Celebrating all our accomplishments and achievements of 2019 and plans to execute 2020 in a major way by collaborating collectively to come up with solutions to help the community see real enhancements. At Inhale Miami we enjoyed food, yoga and great conversations.

I was feeling so overwhelmed and under stress this morning as I ran around busily tightening up loose ends. As the day went day became more greatly! As everything started to align..The yoga session was everything I needed. Mind, body & soul wisely. Ready to jumpstart 2020. Meditation and relaxation is a must when trying to stay focused while caught up' in everyday life. Sometimes you just need to take a 'chill pill. Prepare your mental as the next chapter approaches.

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