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We are currently moving into our second quarter! We have some hot stuff in stored for the upcoming shows moving into season four. Shiketa is bringing to you our Relationship Special Podcast Segment, so stay tuned. In the previous show you'll here some sneak peak topics of the special coming soon.


In the last show, we also had the lovely Mrs. Angela Amazin' Tate along with her special guest. Talking about having a strong mindset and prayer to perform various care-giving duties in the Caregivers industry. Just like many professions, care-giving takes a special kind of person that's passionate about what they do. And, usually these are people that have either worked or experienced such in their personal lives. Since, there may come a time in life where we all are put in positions like Caregivers. If we don't experience such then you are blessed and God knew you couldn't handle it. God gives things to the people whom are strong enough to endure it.


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