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PHP Agents Exposed!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

This is not referring to the company in general but how certain offices choose to run their business.

When we think about companies and networks we always think about the approach of who I bring to the table is where I am eating. Meaning If I bring a person to the table than their business should be with me. In the past few months, I have seen a certain office work with new agents recruited by a new agent and write their business under their very own business. It will seem as if these agents are being very helpful and friendly but as a result, they are racing to write an application for someone regardless of who brought them in. This method doesn't swing right with me. I am definitely liking the company as a WHOLE.. but not how some offices run their businesses. In the future I may continue with PHP, not looking promising anymore. I have decided to move on. Who I bring in should be my first app of a business motto! Individuals need to feel that they can trust that business is being conducted truthfully and fairly. That they are in the business of growth & prosperity.


Here are some reviews we came across. Again not PHP as a whole but the office.

★★★★★ 6 months ago

Terrible place to work at or get a policy. Extremely unprofessional. They do not care about you or your finances. All they want to do is recruit and take your money for the big event. They will say that these bad reviews are people that tried to join the company and didn't make it. This company is a scam. Heed this warning at your own risk!

Doral Office

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Move..moved on lol

Me gusta

Yes, I was licensed and appointed. Since then I believe that entire office had been dissolved. I've move on A year ago. Now with Primerica and loving it! Thank you Marcella.

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Marcella E Parks
Marcella E Parks
23 feb 2020

I’m sorry you had that experience who have you spoke to in php to resolve the issue I know we don’t have that problem in our office did you get licensed and appointed? I know that most people that do say negative things didn’t even get licensed! That’s why they give you the urgency of getting licensed and even have a reimbursement check if you take your test within 30 days I’d be glad to help you get to the correct channels so you can start building your team and be successful

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