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The Benefits Of Detoxing

Many illnesses are centered around inflammation and stress. The true healing power comes from what we put in our bodies..#Detoxing #Healthchallenge #Stress

The core of all sickness is stress. The combination of stress and not eating well. We must be careful how we treat our fortress. Because how you feel, is how you will perform daily. I've learned first hand the importance of being well enough to enjoy life. Being diagnosed with "Rheumatoid Arthritis" at a young age. Quickly made me change my eating habits. I wanted to be able to feel at least halfway vigorous, fighting for full vitality.

I've noticed when I go back to eating unhealthy. My body signals me all the time! Stop..don't do it, 'Lol. So here's a list of fruit that can help you detox your body as well as give you the nutrients you need to repair the organs. Detoxing is especially important for people who are heavily medicated. For medicines are filled with chemicals.

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