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The Girl Broke Free! By: Shiketa D Days

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Can't spend my entire life stuck in a nutshell. I have to soar like a bird and blossom like a butterfly...

I spent my entire life putting others first. Always putting myself in last place, because I just didn't think I was good enough. Being a girl that struggled with self-esteem issues growing up around peer pressure. Being told I'm not the idea " Pretty Girl Type" right..

Don't be what society expects you to be. Be all that you can be. You are better than great and greater than good. As I look back I see myself as the girl who was less valued, underscored.

But no longer will I be that girl in the past. That girl is now a woman today who said.."I Value Myself". No longer looking back at past hurt and relationships. Looking ahead at what is destined for me on this journey.

No longer will I be a pushover, the underdog, average chick!


"The girl that broke free."
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