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Updated: May 19, 2022

With content creator (Shiketa Days). Tune in each and every month for some incredible tips and insight on behind the scenes creation. Shiketa is known as the "Business Technician". Simply because her complex way of solving issues for small business owners have become the pie of the DDD2C empire.

Shiketa Days is one of the brains and executors behind the "Boss Up Visual Podcast". Coming up with solutions for beginning businesses to grow at an affordable level without going to the extreme to create digital content and market place. Join Shiketa every month as she sums up their weekly podcast content.

This week we had the pleasure of sharing the air with 'Life Coach Angela A Tate & Xavier Askew AKA @xwannabegreat.

As they talked about mental health and coping with everyday life while pursuing your lifetime goals. The struggles of staying focus when good ole life throws us stones. Seems like something that's inevitable, but how you perceive the stone determines the outcome of the dissolution.

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