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Urban CEO Network Radio Show 3/4/2019

If you missed the show today! Here's the replay! You missed a whole lot of inspiration..

On this show, we get a chance to speak with Adrienne Belle who is known as the Problem Solver, Storyteller & Culture Shifter.

She wears many hats from The Dynamic Life and Business Strategist, Adrienne E. Bell. Encouraging Author. Captivating Speaker. Engaging Coach. Fearless Leader of Women. Wife of One, Mom of Two...Lover of God!

Whether you are writing a book for your brand or rewriting the narrative for your life, Adrienne is the accountability partner you need to help you CRUSH your goals in the next 28 Days!

Also we look forward to hearing from our other URBAN CEOs who share their BREAK THROUGH'S live on the show! 

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