Wendy Williams New Photo Has Everyone Puzzled

A new photo surfaced the internet of "Wendy Williams' and fans are puzzled? After the devastating news of ex-hubby 'Kevin' cheating and conceiving a baby with his side-chick, has many wondering, how well is "Wendy Williams" dealing with her divorce...

What are your thoughts?

It's never easy parting ways from a long-term relationship, especially when there's a child in common. Being someone that has always put the spotlight on other celebrity couples infidelities, now has backfire. At the end of the day, we're all humans and have real life situations as well. No one is safe from the ups and downs that life can bring, no matter what status or level you're on. We all hurt and we all desire healthy relationships. Living a good life involves more than just money. It also involves being happy and healthy.

Do you agree?

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