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When Building A Business Becomes Stressful

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Shiketa D Days, Mother & wife, CEO..full-time 911 Police Dispatcher II & Author of multiple publications.

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Sometimes being a business owner comes with its pros and cons when it comes to building a solid income-flowing business. And that is why when doing so, you must have a passion for what you are doing and what you expect to accomplish;

Many people jump head-first with any clue on what to expect as far as time and investing. Any successful business created is always elevated with time, trial, and error. If you are an entrepreneur expecting to become wealthy or rich in a short time frame, just be aware that your activity will have to be dramatic, also in the short period of building your business. Too many people are afraid to invest slowly and want to look like large corporations at business launch or start-up, not really knowing what it takes and the expenses of upholding websites, software, etc. You are in business for yourself. The first person that should believe in your business venture or idea is yourself. Clients and customers look at small details to evaluate and determine whether or not they want to support you.


Small Business building tips

Your first goal when building a winning business is to first focus your energy on the goal, the results you're aiming for in a short given time.

How much are you willing to invest

One thing is for sure you are going to have to invest in any business you start, so invest wisely. Drive into it with a mindset of how Mcdonalds CEO's operate on the level of systematic and inexpensive, but quality service. After looking at it this way, as you level up you can upgrade, and make changes. But first, you have to start at your own level of comfort. Don't be afraid to start or seek help to get started, especially if you know you need assistance.

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