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Women Working In Law Enforcement

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Time freedom is what everyone goes after as the years go by. But as women we tend to miss out on the most important years of our lives and children lives. #workingwomen #inlovingmemory #Lifeinsurance #timefreedom

Time freedom clicked for me twelve years ago today. I lost my 10-month-old son to gun violence. I knew then I wanted to create that freedom. I wanted to be in my childrens lives more. Instead of working several hours of the day as a Police Dispatcher doing shift work. Missing out on the little things we take for granted. Like time, having Life Insurance. I always wanted to know how I can use my pain to help others. Didn't know where it would lead me. I spent years trying out different MLM companies with little to no results. It just wasn't getting me there fast enough. I started hosting Women Empowerment Meetings. I met a woman that introduced me to the Insurance business. I got licensed through PHP.

I didn't like the structure of their company and I wasn't learning quick enough. I felt as if the office I worked with was holding out for their own gain. After one year, I left and went to Primerica Financial Services. I was introduced at a Vision Board meeting by a woman name Mary. Since I had my licensed and I really wanted to impact lives in that way. I gave it a shot! At the time my son was murdered. We didn't have life insurance. We wanted to make sure everyone in our reach knew the importance of having such and that death had no age on it. Which is why I'm passionate about the mission. In my second month with Primerica I hit District Leader. I had learned so much more than I had with the previous company. That's when I knew I struck gold. I have something everyone needs to be educated about. Since then I've been able to free up some time from working overtime and earn more extra money than I ever had in MLM on a part-time basis. We are looking forward to helping others with their time freedom. We're able to impact lives in loving memory of our son Derrick Jr.

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