Now that the time has come for a little relief! It is now time to put on your thinking caps to make wiser choices with the little you have if possible.

Make sure you start you an emergency fund. This can be done via a savings account directly with your bank. An emergency fund is needed for emergencies. Put it away and don't spend it. Pay up the bills that have been lagging behind. And if you do not have Life Insurance or an Investment account make it a priority! After eight long months of waiting, it's time to think smarter. Make better choices to help you and your families in the future. Things are not getting better health wise. People are still losing loved ones due to COVID-19. Be safe, plan and take control of your finances.

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Nowadays everyone is looking for ways to save and still be able to enjoy the thrill of eating out at a restaurant. A place that they frequent and love.

Check out these tips and things that you could do to enjoy the things you love at home.

Me being a coffee lover, came up with a way to still enjoy my Dunkin Donuts coffee. By buying a Dunkin Donuts bag of coffee from the grocery store and their creamer. Making it at home..Let's face it, you're able to get more for your bucks by buying the things you love at the store. Sometimes we love the convenience of being able to drive-up to the drive-thru and order. However, with times like this, we must think of ways to cut back. If you love eating gourmet burgers at the restaurant. Try buying them from the stores and cooking it yourself. Love steak fries? Buy them as well and DIY. If you start with the simple things first, you can then add more things little by little. Sometimes you may want to have a glass of wine or liquor from the restaurant. Buying your own and fixing it up with a fancy style straw. Could give you the restaurant vibe right in the comfort of your home.

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