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Economic Empowerment

‘Bad company corrupts good character’

The power lies in your finances. If you can learn the power of how money works. You can change the way you feel about life. Life shouldn’t be hard at all. However, you have to be smart. Learn ways of life that will make life easier for you. Also, be careful of the company you keep around you. Why? “Because bad company corrupts good character” and a negative mind can influence a free spirit.

Energy is real..

How you feel is what you will attract. Make sure you keep your energy level positive and avoid negative people. Good energy attracts good things, bad energy attracts bad things. When you get in a negative mode self-doubt starts to weigh in. It’s 6 AM my alarm goes off to a high energy ringtone set to get me moving and going. If you wake up with a winning attitude, you can set the tone of your day. Nothing can stop you or get in your way.

Why do people settle in life? Some reasons can be lack of knowledge and laziness. Some people just don’t have the will to get up and do what it takes to get to the next level. Therefore they settle with unhappiness and staying within comfort limits. Some hate rejection and being told "no". When you can get past the people pleasing stage and worrying about what others think? You can reap the benefits of taking action and working on your dreams without restrictions.

To change your life you must first change your mind and just do it! Being conditioned to the norm can play a major role in how you decide to live your life. So many people allow life to pass them by and stay mediocre instead of expanding into a new being. Struggling to find their purpose in life. Settling for the average life you have been conditioned to. People only do what they feel they know already. Be willing to learn how to be open to new possibilities and knowledge of growing your mental intelligence. Growing up I knew I always wanted to be great. I knew I wanted to live a better life than my parents. Because I just had this strong gut feeling that life was more exhibiting than waking up being poor. Not having much to work with. Being limited to the things we could do and the things we can buy. Ever went to the store as a kid and wanted something? But mother said you couldn’t have it because she just didn’t have the money or couldn’t afford to buy it. I remember saying when I get older i’m going to buy everything I want! And then I grew up and started understanding why mom or dad said no! Because I now was an adult and had responsibilities.

It was easy alone working as an adult.

As my family started to multiply things became more difficult. Bills and more & more expenses. Every year I thought when my raise came life will get a little better. I’ll have more spending room and can afford my bills. Rude awakening, lesson number one! Wrong..laughing out loud. The system I had been taught wasn’t getting me to higher ground at all. I felt myself drowning deeper and deeper in the mud. I began to look for a way out because I just knew “something had to give!”

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'2020 is coming to an end. And it has been one heck of a year. Now that we've gotten through the turmoil of '2020. People are still left clueless about what entering '2021 would look like. In order to set yourself up to have a prosperous year. You must start planning now.


1. Side Hustle

If you haven't found you a side hustle, a hobby that you can do to bring in some extra money. Why did I say hobby? Because this is something you must enjoy doing. Finding the right fit and market for success, is very vital to how much success you'll have. If you are that person saying...I don't know where to start? We have something for you.

2. Investment Income

If you haven't started saving or investing for the future. You've better get a move on it! This is how many people were able to continue paying bills or fixing problems in their home during Covid pandemic. By taking out loans from their personal investments. Another factor is credit. Getting your credit score in order will open more doors to assets that can help you through financial difficulties. The later you start investing, the more time you're wasting to hit that asset goal.

3. Life Insurance

What we've noticed through the course of '2020. People have been seeking ways to save. They've found that their Whole Life Insurance Policies they've held for many years. Have been increasing tremendously over the years. What we've been doing for our clients is giving them the option to convert to a Term Life Insurance Policy. Take the cash value from it and invest some or a portion of it. If you're looking for options like these. Schedule your one on one phone appointment to discuss your options. We're currently serving Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

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