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All Or Nothing

Shiketa D Days.. is on a mission to help one thousand families become financially stable. Her fundamental approach to a huge issue that we face today financially.


We all can agree that America is facing huge financial issues. On a large scale many families are feeling it.

The Financial CRISIS

We as a Americans are feeling it more than we ever felt it before. From the housing issues to the cost of living today. What was suitable years ago isn't suitable now. Tell me how someone working a reasonable career job, residing in Miami for their entire lives are facing issues of finding a place to rent or own. Renting is becoming more like buying. Do you agree?

So with these many issues, housing being one, Shiketa D Days's approach to help families earn more income to stay above the water while cost of living and qualifications become more difficult to meet. She's currently looking for Financial Advisors and Coaches to service Florida to help with the growing 'Financial crisis' today.

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