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Be A Diamond Campaign Launch [BEA]

Updated: May 28, 2021

We're super excited to announce the launching of our new -BEA CAMPAIGN! The purpose of this campaign is to aspire individuals who are beginning or starting in the entrepreneur business sector.

We've noticed over the course of 9 years in the business industry, living life in urban communities..that most problems and gun violence stem from financial issues and the lack of knowledge. Sometimes your in a bubble, and that may be all you know or are aware of. Some issues could be simply solved by individuals becoming aware of other income opportunities in life. Also for individuals who have been incarcerated to be rehabilitated to society. Getting back to normal living, being able to make a living. If you get my drift!

FOUNDERS: Shiketa Days & Derrick Days

'Be A Diamond Campaign is aimed to uplift and inspire others to be the light in darkness. The torch to uplift someone else. Becoming that bridge to assist individuals. Introducing a alternative source that can help change their lives. This campaign helps us to develop programs and tools to help educate the community especially the Urban Communities! Also enables (Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation) to grow and expand our reach to assist families in need.

How can I support this campaign?

To support this campaign simply visit BEA CAMPAIGN and purchase an inspirational item to support the mission and expand your brand as well. Also share this campaign with others. Most of all don't forget to "Be A Diamond".

Donation are also available at

WE ARE LIVE! Submit your story to be featured! In our BEA blog segment @ddd2c

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