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Companies Going Out Of Business

How do you stand the test of time as the business industry continues to be modernized and overtaken by technology? By online giants like Amazon

List of companies going out of business

So how do companies stay above ground. Why do you believe that well known companies that have been around for decades are now going out of business? Let's talk about the first company Subway. There have been rumors lately about their food products being chemically based. One product being their bread. It is said to have a chemical substance equivalent to a yoga mat. Now that most people are looking to take the much healthier approach, these allegations can disrupt business largely. Company number two has been known for their famous whoppers! Have you guessed it yet? If you said Burger King. You guessed correctly. I think many got turn't off when BK changed their fries and also learning about certain chemicals in their veggies. Could this be why BK decided to come out with the impossible burger. Um..something to think about.

Next on our consumer list is Sonic. Sonic has been around for years as well. Heavy in southern states. Recently introduced to the South Florida area. But couldn't keep up with the Floridians taste buds. Personally it appeared to be overrated and very high in fat. With people leaning towards a more healthier diet, many are waking up and taking care of their bodies. Next on the list is Victoria Secret. 'Victoria Secret has already closed 53 stores being knocked out of the equation by Amazon. Could it be that people are not interested in lingerie anymore or because they only catered to the slim bodies? I'll let you respond to this question below. Next on our list are Jewelers like Zales and Kay.

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Why are jewelers suddenly going out of business? Could it be that people are less interested in getting married and spending money on jewelry. Is it because of financial difficulties and people are finding joy in self-worth other than material things. What are your thoughts? Some solutions we came up with for new businesses looking to get started in a competitors market. Is to stay updated with the modern new microwave society.

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