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Don’t Chase The Birds Avoid Distractions

Birds are the people who chirp in your ear every time you want to do something new or positive.

Most of the time these are the people who have not completed or ever accomplished anything in their lives. I used to be just like you once upon a time. I would look for approval from the crowd or someone to do something and somehow the little bird talking, affected my decisions as well. Life will remain the same for you until you learn how to effectively make decisions on your own. To do so, you will have to change your way of thinking.

‘The Birds’..are also those who say they’re going to do something and make excuses as to why they can’t follow through or show up. You have to let them go too. Because these types of birds will drain your energy and keep you down. If you spend time dragging someone or something that doesn’t want to be dragged, eventually you get tired and weak. This can also throw you off track.

Stay away from the birds and stay focused on your goals.

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