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Feed A Family 5K

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Tickets are on sale for our upcoming 5K! The following tickets are as described below!

Visit; for more information.

Join Us In Miami Gardens, Florida

After a longtime vision of hosting our very own event in loving memory of our son Derrick Danzel Days II ~shot and killed. We are now executing our long-term goal to host an annual event that will be geared around community outreach, promotion of healthy families and relationships. An event that will promote peace and unity. To find out how you can make an impact visit, "FEED-A-FAMILY 5K .

Our journey began 12 years ago. December 13, 2008..after our son's life was stolen at only 10-months old. After the grieving period we jumped into gear to highlight the little life our son did have. The only thought conveyed in our heads, we're that his death would not be in vain. We didn't want our son to be just another statistic, so we took action. Many people promised to help organize certain things for us, only for personal gain is what we later found out. Long-story short. Here we are making it happen today 12 years later.



Super excited to announce the launching of our upcoming Podcast! Will be available on several Podcast platforms.

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