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If You Could Travel Back In Time What Will You Change?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

In life there are so many regrets that we are forced to live with. However, we do not have to accept the pace that was set for us. Boy oh boy...if I could have a do-over.

Right now majority of the world are experiencing hardship due to #covid. As I take a look at things now and how the pandemic has effected life and business. I really wish I had learned all the things l know now earlier. Saving and investing was a foreign language to me. Because I started late, I was unable to prepare an emergency fund. Assets that could have helped my family ease through this process as we wait it out. When we lost our son suddenly to gun violence. That was the wake-up call of the lifetime. That's when the concept of having Life Insurance clicked.

YES! I was once like you. Didn't think I needed it. Because, nothing was going to happen in my mind. I was young, my son was too young...

But, life happened and I wish I had someone that taught me the importance of financial literacy. Which is why I got started in the financial industry. To learn what my parents didn't teach because of lack of knowledge.

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