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Plan So That You Don’t Have To Ever Plan Again

We spend our entire lives planning over and over again. Falling and getting back up. An on-going life cycle for many! When will you decide to take control of your life and finances. Instead of letting it control your life by limiting your ability to engage in certain activities that life just requires. There’s no way around paying bills to live. Let’s just face the fact that..

life is not easy…

So how do we make our lives easy? How do we start to plan and prepare early? By laying and building a foundation now, not later or tomorrow. Get all your eggs in one basket. This can prepare you for anything that may come your way. That’s why we always have to have a plan 'B. The distractions of life and overthinking can limit our lives. We believe in our mind that this is the only life that is possible to live, so we stay grounded where we are. Then each year you say… “next year will be better." Next year arrives and everything remains the same for you. Your're now wondering why every year it’s the same outcome for you? Well it’s really simple, you haven’t done anything differently in your routine to change the course of your life. I want you to get up today and start making the changes necessary for your growth and self-development. Change starts with you and one decision to say YES! I choose to live my best life.

Growing up in the hood reminded me of how much I really wanted to change my life and create a better life for myself and my kids. I wanted my children to live and be more wiser than I was. Teach them the things that we were never taught. Like building wealth! The knowledge I have now cannot be untaught or wasted. My kids must be a hybrid in this century. I want them to be happy, living full lives with no regrets. Because our parents weren’t taught or brave enough to go after their dreams, we lack the knowledge. And now have to start being brave for the new generation that’s coming up. So that life can be just a little more easier for them. They will be more advanced and prepared to continue to build generational wealth.

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