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The New-Age Work Ethic

It seems like all the old schoolers and baby boomers are feeling equally about the work ethic of some of the millennials, new age today.. #Newage

I remember being super excited! About beginning my chapter in the work world. So excited that I showed up ready to work. Nowadays..all that has changed. Seems like the old schoolers value work more than the new age. Privilege is something that is earned not given. Something that the new age must master. When you start a new job, a certain type of job that requires weekends and holidays, that's a decision you must make before you move forward. At that moment life changes. Meaning less days off, no weekends. No trips at times. People have really gotten away from valuing their own work ethic. Relying on the dedicated and motivated individuals to fill the space.

Why do you think this is so common nowadays? Is it because it's tolerated or hard to find an employee that will dedicate themselves to the duty?

What are your thoughts?

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