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Real LIVE! Horror Dreams

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Straight from our beds to the pen!

Just in time for Halloween, just like that the Horror dreams begins! This first dream comes from our CEO Shiketa D Days! As she shares her recent dream with us.

This is the first dream she was actually able to finish without waking up. She's out of town at a event that she's invited to. She's invited to a buffet dinner and enters the wrong room not once but twice. The first room is filled with doctors who are attending to mental patients. Doctor says you've entered the wrong room. So she leaves into the next room where she finds her husband Derrick hiding. He says, there's crazy people in here trying to kill me! These people appear and we both hide. Once the coast is clear we run out. Finally someone escorts us to the correct room for the event. At this point, we're tired and scared. So we say, no thank you. We just want to go home! Laughing out loud!

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