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Our journey started on December 13, 2008, following the loss of our 10-month-old son, Derrick Jr. Shot and killed. A Day that will forever leave a soft spot in our hearts. The loss of Derrick touched so many lives emotionally and observing the ongoing issue with gun-violence in urban communities. Speaking with families that are losing children very young to guns. We sought to create an atmosphere for the best of both worlds. To help the urban communities flourish, by teaching individuals how to earn income legally. 


The Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer environment and a stronger economy. We are committed to reducing gun-violence in our communities by providing resources and education to those affected. We also strive to create pathways for economic improvement in the areas we serve.

We believe that by working together, we can create a world where everyone is safe and secure, and we are dedicated to this cause. Join us in our mission to make a lasting difference in the world.

Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation became official in April 2011 and has been up and running ever since. Over the years we have grown by trial-and-error learning one step at a time, how to grow and develop programs & services for our organization. Services that will help educate communities worldwide. Our organization has had a helping hand in collaborating with other companies and teams. We've donated to several 'Charitable Organizations over the course of 11 years. 2018 we developed our (Book Club) which aimed to help individuals self-publish books and our (Entrepreneur Project) mission to help urban businesses legalize properly. In 2020 we launched our Podcast 'Boss Up Visual Podcast Show to create a platform for urban business owners to market their products, services, or businesses. In 2021 we launched our Affiliate Network and Membership Inner Circle Mentorship program

Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping individuals improve their financial stability by educating and providing urban business owners with tools and tips to get started in the business industry! Gun violence is a growing issue worldwide! We've previously launched our campaign THINK BEFORE YOU ACT… at our first annual (Boss-Up Visual Conference). Learn how you can contribute to helping reduce gun violence and help increase poverty-driven neighborhoods. Our platform is designed to help small businesses EXPAND THEIR MARKETS! And create an everlasting platform that will help eliminate or reduce gun violence and help increase financial stability in urban communities. Therefore, helping decrease violence and crime Over the years Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation has been active in the community providing resources and aid to the youth. We were also a part of the '24 Hour Cease Fire for Miami-Dade County which has now become a large-scale event. If given the opportunity, these funds will be of great use to help struggling businesses gain access to more Capital and funding opportunities.


Shiketa Days was recently featured in Voyage MIA (Miami's most inspiring stories) & Buzz Magazine (community highlights) for Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation. Visit our website for more information on memberships and media opportunities. Our business services include membership mentoring programs, self-publishing & media marketing services. Check out our Boss Up Visual platform. Boss Up Visual Podcast and yearly Boss Up Visual Conference.

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CEO Shiketa Days

About the Author

Shiketa D Days was born and raised in Miami, Florida. A small city called "Liberty City" known as "Brown Sub". Liberty City is known for Gun-Violence, gang activity, and low-income housing. ​My mission is helping people see the beauty and talents from "Brownsville". Shiketa is also a mother, wife, Full-Time Police Dispatcher II for over 19 years. She has also taken on a leadership role in life as a community leader after losing her 10-month-old to Gun-Violence. She's a ROLE MODEL and businesswoman. One of her roles in the community is teaching individuals how to become financially stable & to raise awareness of “Gun Violence” in communities. Shiketa is one of the nonprofit owners of "Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation", and helps build, manage & develop other nonprofits and businesses. Shiketa is the creator of the (Boss-Up Visual Media Platform). Consists of the Boss-Up Visual Podcast, Boss-Up Visual Magazine, Boss-Up Visual Conference & Boss-Up Visual Awards.

Her goal is to help others succeed and leave a legacy for her family. Most of all keep her son’s name alive so that his death would not have been in vain. 2014 Shiketa won the "Employee of the year" award for the (Miami Springs Police Dept). Shiketa was also featured in “Who’s Who Recognition 2015” and has recently been selected as a candidate for Who’s Who professional network for 2018. Shiketa D Days is now a multi-author of several books. She has a passionate heart for helping others succeed. 2019 Shiketa was nominated for "Community leader" for Urban CEO Networks Who's Who Awards and featured in 2019's Who's Who Urban CEO magazine, Buzz Magazine, Voyage MIA & Muze Media, Canvas Rebel Magazine & many more Platforms.

"Shiketa D Days" have taken on many projects over the years and has had unlimited success. Shiketa has impacted many lives along the way. Leaving a mark that will never be forgotten.

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